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RAYTECH™ Paint protection film


RAYTECH™ Paint Protection Film has the reliability and durability to protect your car painted surfaces from chips and nicks caused by flying rocks and bugs.


RAYTECH™ Paint protection film, also called as “PPF”, is an invisible protection film developed to protect your car painted paint finish on a vehicle’s impact zones, such as the leading edge of the hood and the bumper. PPF providing protection from nicks, stone chips, abrasions and bumper scuffs. Paint Protection Film can also be used to protect headlights from cracks, scratches, chips, yellowing and hazy buildup. Essentially invisible when installed to car body, it makes excellent paint color shine through without changing the outlook of your car.

RAYTECH™汽車漆面保護膜,也被稱為“車身隱形保護衣”,即是在汽車漆面上一層透明保護膜,其目的在於保護汽車漆面。 漆面保護膜無色透明,將其安裝在汽車車身上,能有效地保護汽車漆面的色彩和提高光澤,裝貼後完全不影響車身外觀。

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